I managed to get a nice review of some pictures of mine in the The Guardian Camera Club.

A door always grabs attention and a red one even more so, the mixed light and narrow pathway naturally lead us to it. The composition of ‘Landscape‘ and that beautiful Madrid light would make for a perfect magazine cover; the pretty ‘Rust‘ is another good ‘travel photo’, both having a descriptive sense of place. In ‘Mirador‘ we have a combination of an elevated viewpoint, soft pastel colours and enormous amount of detail all of which combine into a perfect cityscape. The best image here is ‘Follow me‘, which manages to be expressive, elegant and mysterious all at once. The limited depth of field is the key and the totally black cat simply becomes a shape, perfect! The downward motion of the walking man in ‘Libros‘ combines with the formality of the shopfront, the colours of the books in the foreground are lovely too. A good set of gentle images with a couple of more challenging ones thrown in

via Guardian Camera Club: Omar Parada’s portfolio | Art and design | guardian.co.uk.

You can post 6 pictures as a portfolio submission to The Guardian flickr group. There are lots of daily submissions, so you may need a bit of patience. It can take a few weeks to get an answer. I feel really flattered. Some of their reviewed portfolios are great! 🙂

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