Photography by Omar Parada

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says.


Here are my three pictures for Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says. The first one is where I took my blog’s name. What I find funny about it is all the possible translations to Spanish and different meanings you can find in that short phrase. The huge bull sign is a very typical sight in Spanish roads. It was an advert of a famous alcoholic drink, years ago. Now most of them are in decay, broken and rusty. And the first one, as a picture itself is not very interesting, but what it says, can have also some different meanings… 😉

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says.”

  1. mumox Avatar

    drink from her……? ahahahaha

    1. casagan Avatar

      I don’t know, maybe… 😛

  2. munchow Avatar

    Great signs. I think I like the milking cow the best. The first phrase at least to me indicates that the cow milks herself. 🙂

    1. casagan Avatar

      Haha, It was not clear. The thing was also trying to explain to my daughter what this was about… 😛

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