Enough of landscapes and architecture photos. Lets try some street photography.

It’s a genre I still haven’t tried yet. I find it too hard. I need to pay closer attention to classics, and groups on Flickr like HCSP where some interesting examples can be seen. Usually, this pictures must have a trick. They don’t need to be technically perfect . They rely on some more or less deep joke in its subject, composition or light. The ones that you don’t initially understand what’s happening there are the best ones, I think.  And one issue I find the hardest, is that they have people. Taking pictures of unknown people is a really hard thing for me. It is easier to add some in landscape or architecture pictures, just to give a bit more sense of scale and add some interest. But in this street ones, sometimes you have to get quite close. So here, instead of people, I have four gooses. Is it a good starting point? Good weekend!

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