My entry for this week photo challenge.

Cold outside, warm inside. Taken a few years ago, in a coffee in Cambridge. It was freezing outside. The frost in the window is the proof. Also the snow in the cars and the road. I tried several processes with this one, and this high contrast black and white was the one I most liked. Just the silhouettes.

7 thoughts on “ Weekly Photo Challenge: Window ”

  1. I really like following everyone’s interpretations of the themes. I think this looks great in B&W, and I like how the non misty part of the window reveals the street outside. Nice 🙂

    1. Thanks Helen, I wasn’t too sure about this picture. I have some other “window” ones, but I keep remembering this one from time to time. Maybe that’s the way to choose a picture; if it means something to you. Not just technical considerations (too contrasty, too black and white, etc…).

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