I did a quick trip this last weekend. I visited the Algarve, the south part of Portugal, an area I really love. These pictures are from some of the beaches I went to. The plan was drive to a place, lay on the sand, read a book, try to swim a bit in the chilly water and eat some great food in some local place And repeat. In order, you can see Marinha’s beach, Arrifana’s beach, and two pictures from Vila Nova de Milfontes, a place more up the north, in the Alentejo region. All great beaches except the last picture. Those sharp stone cliffs aren’t very swimming friendly. They are in Cabo Sardao. I really like the texture of those bent and melted sediments. Geology at its best.

The weather was great and I spent most of the time these beaches or travelling to places. I even a visited a very special place (for me at least) where I lived more than 20 years ago. I managed to meet some friend of that time. Initially I was a bit concerned; what do you talk about with someone you don’t see since such a long time? But things these days are a bit easier with this social media stuff. Maybe some of my imaginary friends are not so imaginary after all… We spent a whole day catching up about things. Fixing the world, as we say in Spain. Or should I better say our inner worlds

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