The road to nowhere (2)

The road to nowhere (2)

Happy new year all! Here goes a gallery of pictures to start this 2019. These are taken in the Negev desert, in Israel, around Mitzpe Ramon, where we found a strange sort of sculpture trail, and Makhtesh Ramon. Here I really enjoyed looking at the colour of the sand and soil, all those ochre and oranges, even purples visible in the shadows, in those ancient layered sediments. We called these geological formations “the cake”, a very scientific term. There where also some remains of abandoned mining structures. And goats, lots of them. We spent the entire day driving around here.

I will post soon more pictures of this trip, from our first stop at Tel Aviv. There we walked, lots. We needed new shoes.

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4 responses to “The road to nowhere (2)”

  1. Hey Omar ! thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I was surprised to find so many familiar for me places in your blog.
    This place Mizpe Ramon is my favorite in all the places I visited here. I’m going there often in every weather and every season.
    I took there all my friends from different countries visited here. Mostly we do this as a night trip – to arrive there at early-early morning before the sunrise and to see a start of the new day from the edge of the world 🙂
    I hope that you loved the country.

    • Hi Victor! Many thanks for the follow and likes! It’s been a memorable trip for me since I did it a couple of years ago. And Mizpe Ramon was truly the highlight. I’ve been following your work in different channels since long, so maybe that inspired me too, in a way 🙂

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