First of all, thanks for spending some time visiting my blog. My name is Omar Parada. I’m a Spanish expat living in UK. During the day I work as a VFX artist in a games company. By night and weekends I try to learn about photography. I will post here pictures that I think are worth a comment and maybe some random musings.


PS. Pictures shown here are linked to my flickr account. They are licensed under creative commons. Please read carefully what that license means. Basically, you can use my pictures as they are, but please give a link back to my flickr account and don’t modify them in any form. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other question or if you wish to buy prints of any of my pictures. You can also donate using paypal.

PS. Why I look so white in this picture? This is what happens when you shoot a selfie with 3200 iso in direct sunlight in manual mode. Just an err.. experiment… 😉

14 thoughts on “ About ”

  1. Hi Omar! I have just started to use the same wordpress them as you, studio. And i found your website as an example. I’m also a vfx artist by day, living and working in New Zealand. Nice work you post up here! keep it up!

    1. Hi Daniel! Glad to know about a fellow VFX artist here! As soon as I can I’ll have a look at your site. I’m sure you’ll have some interesting things there… 🙂

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