Anglesey Abbey

These pictures were taken ages ago, when I lived in Cambridge, at Anglesey Abbey. I have posted already a few other pictures taken here. At that time we used to come here often, it was the perfect plan at that time for a small family that had just arrived from Madrid, with lots of plans ahead, and ideas of spending together years in this, for us, new country. Walking in these gardens was a delight. Now it is closed, to avoid the spread of the COVID-10 virus. I wonder how it looks with no one around.

The road to nowhere (2)

Happy new year all! Here goes a gallery of pictures to start this 2019. These are taken in the Negev desert, in Israel, around Mitzpe Ramon, where we found a strange sort of sculpture trail, and Makhtesh Ramon. Here I really enjoyed looking at the colour of the sand and soil, all those ochre and oranges, even purples visible in the shadows, in those ancient layered sediments. We called these geological formations “the cake”, a very scientific term. There where also some remains of abandoned mining structures. And goats, lots of them. We spent the entire day driving around here.

I will post soon more pictures of this trip, from our first stop at Tel Aviv. There we walked, lots. We needed new shoes.

Stockholm’s syndrome (2)

Later I took a train to Stockholm. I managed to see a bit of Sweden’s country side, with its forests and lakes. My first intention was to do a road trip, but I had no much time for that this time. Would have been great to get lost somewhere in the west Swedish coast… Stockholm, such a beautiful city. It was a pity seeing that is full of cranes and road works, but aside this, I truly enjoyed wandering the small alleyways and streets of the old town and see such amazing architecture in such a nice light. I visited Fotografiska, possibly the best photography gallery I’ve ever been. Some really cool exhibitions of an interesting fashion photographer, and another one more into surreal stuff, or just everyday pictures around Paul McCartney’s life and friends where there. And from the restaurant on top, beautiful views of Stockholm islands. The weather was sunny, but a bit cooler though. Again, images of a bleak white winter came to my mind…

The best thing about the short trip was being able to meet with some old friends, share with them some time and catch up about our lives. Last months (or years I would say!) in London have put me in a very introspective mood and I really needed to know about other people, even those I don’t know about since ages, and acquire some perspective and distance from my own issues and life.

Speaking of which, I have moved to another area of London and I am really happy about it. I think my previous one was not a good place for me. A bit too far from everything that interests me most, I believe. More pictures soon, from London, from Israel, from other places I’ve visited in the last years, that somehow have made a memory in me (and I have very good memory, someone told me once… kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time). In the meantime, please have look at my instagram, at my prints shop and let me know if any of my pictures would look nice in your living room 😉

Stockholm’s syndrome (1)

Some months ago, just out of the blue, I took a flight to Copenhagen. The idea was to visit friends in Malmö and Stockholm. I had never been in Sweden. As a short summer break from the heat wave in London seemed like a perfectly good idea.

Is funny how we accumulate stereotypes and preconceived ideas about places (and about people too, this being worse I believe). I just didn’t know lots about Sweden, but somehow years of being exposed to IKEA furniture, TV shows like The Bridge (amazing noir crime show to binge watch in a cold weekend) and all sort of silly clichés, one arrives to the place and believes in some sort of deja vu feeling.

I was joking with one of my friends here that I was disappointed of not seeing snow. The same as most of Europe those last weeks, Sweden has been under a heat wave that made all green things look faded and yellow. And my short time in Malmö felt like any other summer place in Spain or Portugal. I walked along the beach and it’s pier feeling like nothing at all I had previously thought. Some very interesting architecture in there, from old town houses to the futuristic Santiago Calatrava’s “Turning Torso” building. I liked Malmö lots, in some ways it reminded me to Cambridge, maybe just because it looks very bike and family friendly. And with a nice beach! But still, the bleak cinematography from that TV show appeared in flashes in my head and I wonder how it really would be living in winter here.

Here are some pictures from Malmo. I will post Stockholm one’s later. By the way, check my prints page, I’m updating it with links where you can order prints of various sizes of some of my pictures. If it happens that you’d like prints of any other pictures in this blog, let me now, I will make them available you, no matter where you are. 🙂