My last trip

Just before this covid-19 started, last January, I did my last trip. It wasn’t one of fun and pleasure, but a work one. I’m currently involved in a game project that is being developed by a talented team in Seattle. I was sent there by my company for 2 weeks. I was curious to see what they were doing and in what I could help.

Little I knew beforehand about Seattle, except some trivia. A tech place where some of the biggest companies started, Starbucks, Nirvana, some popular films based there, terrible rainy weather… I really suffered the later, I think it was worse than in London!

Those two weeks were hectic, I had to catch-up with lots of project related stuff, meet new people trying to remember all the new names, get to know the place a bit. And as advertised, the rain did not stop. The hotel I was based in was a bit far from downtown. I ended having only a couple of days in the weekend to actually wander around the city. I think I managed to see quite a lot, but I missed what everyone told me was best, the outdoors around. Next time perhaps?

How do I miss traveling. For sure once this pandemic ends I will travel everywhere!. So many places I have taken for granted….

Hello again, Cambridge…

So I did it. I left London and moved back to Cambridge, where my daughter lives, so I can be closer to her in these weird times we are living. I have been tinkering about this for long, you might have heard about it. When I worked for a remote studio a couple of years ago I thought it was the time. Then I moved to a “office” studio, and I thought it wasn’t. Work has always has dictated my location. One good thing (damn, some positive thinking in me…) this pandemic has given is allowing us to move to a nicer (possibly cheaper) place, closer to loved ones, and do work from home, something I said before it was the future. I wish I could predict the future again…

Since I’ve moved here I’ve spent most of my free time revisiting familiar, and not so familiar places. It has been a great feeling so far, like meeting an old friend who you haven’t talked to since long. Somehow it feels like time hasn’t passed. Old grudges and disappointments feel like something irrelevant, given how things are.

Even now, in the middle of the second lockdown, this city feels more like home to me, something I wasn’t able to say about London, even after spending some years there.

You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, who had ever been alive.

James Baldwin

Anglesey Abbey

These pictures were taken ages ago, when I lived in Cambridge, at Anglesey Abbey. I have posted already a few other pictures taken here. At that time we used to come here often, it was the perfect plan at that time for a small family that had just arrived from Madrid, with lots of plans ahead, and ideas of spending together years in this, for us, new country. Walking in these gardens was a delight. Now it is closed, to avoid the spread of the COVID-10 virus. I wonder how it looks with no one around.