• Oh, Hi again! And new shop!

    Oh, Hi again! And new shop!

    I hope you all are ok in these weird times. Again, making honour to the name of this blog, it’s been a while since my last post here. In the past couple of years not much has happened but I’ve managed to do some trips around the country, last Christmas I went to Madrid after […]

  • Meeting point.

    Meeting point.

    I took this one yesterday, in a visit to Anglesey Abbey, near Cambridge. Weather and light was not precisely pleasant, but the moving clouds made some nice shadows and light patterns. I tried with this processing to add a bit more drama to that.

  • Spiders


    There must be something weird happening with the weather. Yes, I have already complained about it, but I feel this is far more important. Spiders haven’t appeared yet! This is one of the best kept secrets about UK. At least, is something nobody told me when I decided to come here. Most of the inhabitants of the…

  • Night shopping (2)

    Night shopping (2)

    Things are a bit different in London. And more in areas like Soho. Here lamps are white, instead of tungsten orange, and that helps a bit adjusting the white balance. I tried to do some cross-process colour tests here, inspired by pictures from Jon Siegel. My results are nowhere comparable to those, but I like the light and colour in…

  • Night shopping

    Night shopping

    Shops close their doors quite early in UK, compared to Spain. I remember my first days here, going out after work to see a shopping centre and finding it closed. And nobody on the streets. Weird… One of those nights I saw this store-front. The almost symmetrical display of colourful things grabbed my attention. The processing here was…

  • Frozen


    One of my favourite spots in Cambridge. I enjoy coming here just for a walk. In summer it looks great. When I took this one it was freezing cold. I think processing in black and white was needed, and this row of trees makes some interesting compositions possible. The most obvious may be this one point…

  • That manual mode in your camera.

    That manual mode in your camera.

    Lets try something. Grab your camera and switch to manual mode. That mode where you can, using the buttons and wheels on the body, change between different apertures, ISO settings and shutter speeds. I know, that may sound like alien, at least it sounded like that to me the first time I tried something a…

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