Photography by Omar Parada


  • Oh, Hi again! And new shop!

    I hope you all are ok in these weird times. Again, making honour to the name of this blog, it’s been a while since my last post here. In the past couple of years not much has happened but I’ve managed to do some trips around the country, last Christmas I went to Madrid after […]

  • Printing your own photos.

    Printing your own photos.

    There is something really rewarding about printing your own pictures at home, although printer inks are the most expensive liquids on earth, based on this graph: At the same time, the process of creating those inks doesn’t seem easy either, as show in this video: And great ads like this help a bit in a…

  • Mill Road at night.

    Mill Road at night.

    Just some pictures I took a bit of time ago. These are some of the places you can find in Mill Rd., Cambridge. It is a very multicultural street, you can find food and shops from around the world and some nice coffees to keep you warm in winter. There is also a cemetery close…

  • Solitary figures (3)

    Solitary figures (3)

    I saw this person sitting in the bench in a park close to my office. I needed to get out for a moment and I wandered around with my camera. It was the first snow of that winter. Also, it was one of my first winters in Cambridge. I like the concrete patch under the bench.

  • The UK weather forecast…

    The UK weather forecast…

    …is mostly cloudy, always. Don’t underestimate the British weather. Even British people hate it. After a few years here I understand why they come to Spain for holidays or retirement. Why as soon there is a bit of sun, they all go outside to catch a bit of energy from our star. Winters are miserable, someone told me when I…

  • Urban landscapes (2)

    Urban landscapes (2)

    A view from Palacio de Cibeles  in Madrid. It’s another place I’ve never been before, until recently, in that visit I did as a tourist. The first picture of this series is here. What other places have you visited after years and found somehow different?

  • Wednesday question.

    Seen on twitter, I should have read a bit about this photographer. What do composition rules mean to you? Do you know about them? Do you need them? Are they useful to you? Do you break them? Or you just don’t care…