When I first saw the trailer of Solaris, I thought that it could be a good science fiction film. I love Science fiction. There is something that I have always enjoyed about science fiction, since I was a child and I saw Forbidden Planet or  War of the Worlds or Starwars! Films that almost everyone who likes science […]

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I took this one in Leeds Castle, in Kent, UK. After visiting the castle and its surroundings I ended almost at night in a small amusements park where children could spend a bit of time playing in this things, and their parents relax a bit having a coffee.  Or just grab some pictures, as I did. I […]

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Seen on twitter, I should have read a bit about this photographer. What do composition rules mean to you? Do you know about them? Do you need them? Are they useful to you? Do you break them? Or you just don’t care…