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Here goes another set of pictures I took some time ago, also in the summer of 2015. The weather was nice enough to do some visits to coastal places in Norfolk, a region here in England I like lots. This time was in Cley Next the Sea. I went there with a friend, and we walked a lot. I even felt I burnt my skin, a thing that rarely happens here in UK. We visited the marshes, the town, an old abandoned church. I’m not a believer myself, but I do enjoy taking pictures inside churches and similar places. The atmosphere, light, sense of peace and tranquility… I don’t need to believe in anything to actually feel… something. I don’t need either to invent strange reasons or imaginary friends to explain these feelings. Of course, we ended in a pub, having a nice meal and some beers. Simple pleasures are the best ones… 🙂

+ high-res version

…in London’s British Museum. I took this picture a few years ago, in my first visit to London when I arrived here. No need to say much else about this place. It is just amazing. As are most of the museums I’ve visited in UK. Maybe because here museums are free, most of them. We have also great museums in Spain, but they are not free. That’s not an excuse, but I can tell you that I have visited more museums here than in Spain. I have never been to the Museo del Prado. Not even after  living for 20 years in Madrid. It is too expensive and queues are enormous. I should be ashamed…

+ high-res version

These pictures are taken in Greenwich.


It’s close to London, just go to Canary Warf underground station and from there take the DLR. I really enjoyed that place. I spent the entire day shooting at things with my camera. GQH1 is in the Old Royal Naval College, next to the Queens House. I liked the symmetry of the building, clearly shown in picture G3. Canary Warf underground station, shown in picture G1, is awesome. The big opening on the ceiling with that concrete structure and arches grabs immediately your attention. At some point, that opening, with the financial district buildings in the background, and the mechanical stairs make something like a R shape. At least that’s what it seemed to me when I saw it. The Cutty Sark boat is amazing also, but I couldn’t visit it. Instead, I took some pictures using the glass wall that surrounds it, being G4 the picture I most liked. Also this panorama is the view from the Royal Observatory. So, if you haven’t visited Greenwich already, please do it… 😉

I first came to Oxford more than twenty years ago, in one of those English courses that promise you will learn everything about the culture and country in just one  summer month (usually July or August).

My parents intentions at that time were good, of course, and those summers spent in UK and Ireland were totally worth it. Who could tell me at that time that twenty years later I was going to move here, and spend a Sunday (yesterday, to be more precise) in this place with my own family. As I thought, I wasn’t able to recognize anything. Maybe some of the landmarks were familiar, but not much else. The weather was not too good, it rained all the day, not as that sunny summer I remember. I should have a look and see if I can find pictures from that time… 😉

+ high-res version

This wall is from one of the Clare College buildings in Cambridge.

Google maps has an old image of the area. In this case, Bing maps are better. I was just walking around that area when that façade grabbed my attention. I liked the reflection of the clouds in those angled windows. The tree branches on top of the regular spaced planks of wood break a bit the rhythm of them. I decided to go for a black and white processing with this one. I enjoy taking this kind of pictures, with clear geometric patterns.

+ high-res version

This one is taken in the British Museum in London.

I tried to emphasize the shadow and light patterns with local contrast and tonal adjustments. I applied some perspective and rotation correction to straighten the vertical and horizontal lines. I thought that black and white was better for this image. The shooting involved a bit of patience waiting for those museum stairs to be empty except for one person. I didn’t care at that moment if he/she was going up or down. Now, I think that strong person’s silhouette works well, and adds scale and interest to the image. Thanks that day was sunny!.