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My three pictures for Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon. The first one was taken from a car going to some place in Spain. I wasn’t driving. I used a high shutter speed and long focal lens. This might be the best one that came from that experiment. I liked the undulating horizon. The second one is from here, during some holidays. That day was a bit cloudy and dull, but I found funny those people walking on the horizon line.  And the third picture is another view of this one. That man sat there for hours!

For Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern


DLR is in London, outside Canary Warf underground station. I was there when I went to Greenwich. The banks and company buildings are a change to the usual architecture in the city. It doesn’t feel like London at all. Is more a modern financial district, as you can find in any other big city. R is that station, a view of the crystal ceiling from the mechanical staircase leading outside. It is an impressive underground station.

Flight was taken during a boring flight from UK to Spain. Or maybe it was the other way. I don’t remember. What I do remember is the face of one of the passengers that saw me putting the camera almost in the floor a few times trying to get the correct perspective.

Structure and Kings College are from Cambridge. Both are university buildings but with completely different architectures. This small city has thousands of little details only visible if you point the camera up.

And Campo was taken during a car trip in Spain. I stopped in a petrol station and this landscape grabbed my attention. There are some nice leading lines here.