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+ high-res version

Tower at the entrance on Leeds Castle.

It was a bit late and we were going back home when I saw this tower. The cloudy and dark day with those two mysterious persons under the light grabbed my attention. I liked this one in black and white. It’s a bit of a contrast with the colourful carnival we found close to this spot. Apart from the mood of the day, one of the reasons for this processing was a really high ISO setting. The noise in the colour version wasn’t too good looking to my eye. So I added contrast, changed some channel mixing values, and I got this almost Kodak Tri-X look. Did I mention I am a fan of Anton Corbijn photography?. One day I would like to try film photography. I have an old Yashica Electro 35 that needs some love, any tips?

Leeds castle has a really nice maze.

We got lost there for something like 40 minutes. I tried not to tell my daughter the trick for finding the exit of a labyrinth. She was enjoying a lot the moment, but at some point, frustration appeared, so I used all my orientation skills to find the way out. At the end of the little maze there is a elevated platform where you can see all the lost people, scratching their heads wondering why I was taking pictures of them. It almost felt like this sequence of “The Shinning“:

If you also like mazes, here you can find some inspiration. Do you now any other mazes I can visit here in the UK?

+ high-res version


This peacock was a bit difficult to photograph.

I wanted a full frontal view, for later cropping in a square format. That was my initial idea. I ended with a lot of shots of the bird, and I found this to be the one I most liked. The issue I had was that I needed to crop a lot the picture, to get rid of the people who was around it. I think that affected a bit the sharpness of the feather patterns. The colours saturation is boosted on purpose. I’m very fond of this picture. It was my first accepted submission in the Pentax Photo Gallery. I forgot to mention, this was taken in Leeds Castle, a place  I visited a few years ago. I will post more pictures taken there some day.

+ high-res version


I took this one in Leeds Castle, in Kent, UK.

After visiting the castle and its surroundings I ended almost at night in a small amusements park where children could spend a bit of time playing in this things, and their parents relax a bit having a coffee.  Or just grab some pictures, as I did. I have mixed feelings with carnivals. I find them a bit creepy and at the same time they remind me of my childhood. Weird connection. Those wooden horses with their names painted seem to look at you, don’t they?