Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: love

  • Love Is All We Have Left

    Now you’re at the other end of the telescope. Seven billion stars in her eyes. So many stars. So many ways of seeing. Hey, this is no time not to be alive. Love Is All We Have Left, U2

  • To my imaginary friends (2).

    Just think a bit about what has happened last weeks in London. Now just think in a different way as you may usually do. Let’s just call things with a different name, and ask some (really silly) questions. There are people, who claim being in some kind of special relationship with a very powerful imaginary…

  • Long delays (2)…

    I think I’m going to start a black and white period of pictures. I love colour ones, but I feel like black and white is better suited these days. Black and white is less distracting, helping ease composition issues as pictures can become more abstract and schematic. Also perhaps it fits better with my current…

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