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  • Madrid at sunset, if a bit dark…

    Madrid at sunset, if a bit dark…

    As promised, back to sharing pictures. I went to Madrid a few days after Christmas. I guess I was in need of meeting friends and family, have some good food and a bit of sun. The weather was a bit better than in London, at least, warmer. One of the days I just wandered around […]

  • I’m back!

    I’m back!

    I really have enjoyed this trip to Spain. I think I’ve done something like 4000 Km in just three weeks. Cadiz, Albacete, Leon and Madrid have been the places I have visited. The white walls shown in the first picture are in Vejer de la Frontera. It is one of white towns in Cadiz and they are called…

  • libros


    Taken in Madrid, last time I was there. In this place there is a book fair every year. Although that day, only this little shop seemed to be open. I’m sure you can find almost anything there. Not a very interesting thing if you are one of those who prefer electronic books though… 😉

  • I wonder…

    I wonder…

      …what happened in that room? Taken in some street in the Madrid, a long time ago. Sometimes just looking up is worth it.

  • From where I come…

    From where I come…

    These buildings are close to my previous home. I’ve seen how they grew up from the ground. I miss that blue sky. Good weekend!

  • Abandoned boats

    Abandoned boats

    This picture has also some patterns in it. I found this pile of abandoned boats in a place called Pantano de San Juan. In summer the roads to this place are really busy with cars coming from Madrid, trying to escape from the heat and pollution. Until that happens, here they are waiting.

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