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  • What is going on with this blog?

    What is going on with this blog?

    The last post is from more than a year ago! Short answer, I haven’t found time nor inspiration to continue posting here as much as I did in the past. I have lots of pictures to edit and process in my computer. From past trips, from other wanderings around London, from… I don’t know, everywhere […]

  • Belated new year’s musings…

    Belated new year’s musings…

    As it’s becoming traditional in this blog, half way through January looks like a nice time to talk about last year. It’s also my birthday soon, so it feels like a more natural end of year to me. I am still in London. A place that keeps giving me mixed feelings. I broke one of…

  • So cruel

    I disappeared in you. You disappeared from me. I gave you everything you ever wanted. It wasn’t what you wanted. So cruel, U2

  • Fate, destiny, coincidence…

    Like fate, destiny, except those aren’t real. Coincidence is as close as we get, but it’s all pareidolic: seeing patterns in things that aren’t there. Faces in clouds. We look for connections because we want to see them. We want everything attached as neatly as possible. It removes the concept – the concern – of…

  • The lighthouse…

    In every story, there is always a lighthouse, leading one towards something. Of course, a lighthouse really only exists to tell you what to avoid. I still dream, James Smythe.

  • Love Is All We Have Left

    Now you’re at the other end of the telescope. Seven billion stars in her eyes. So many stars. So many ways of seeing. Hey, this is no time not to be alive. Love Is All We Have Left, U2

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