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Here comes a gallery of pictures I took during my visit to Peak District. These are around Hope and Castleton. The weather was fun, I would say. From sunny to rainy in moments. My camera is weatherproof, now I am sure about that. At some point it poured on us while walking to visit one of the popular caves in Castleton. The Blue John stone is very famous there, and you can find places to buy jewellery made of that mineral. We entered in a sweets shop in Castleton where the owner told us about places where we could have lunch. She was a retired teacher, so the talk about the area was really of interest. Much better than relying on tripadvisor… 🙂

At the end of the day we felt tired and soaked, but it really was worth it.



These are some houses I saw while visiting the Peak District area. The Bleak house really honours its name. It was in Hope, the same as the more modern one with a big tree shadow. The one with green wooden roof structure was in Edale, the same as the one next to that river. The rustic stone wall house was in Castleton. The ones on sloped streets are in Buxton, which is technically outside the National Park area, but in our route to visit some other places.

Here are some pictures I took while we climbed Mam Tor, a popular hill in the Edale Valley area. It is relatively easy to go up there, more if you just start your walk from the national trust owned car park down the road. From the top of the hill you can continue some popular hikes. We were quite lucky weather. It was windy and a bit chilly but it didn’t rain that day.

I have not been able to post very frequently in the last two weeks but I’ve visited some interesting places meanwhile. I did a really nice road trip last weekend around Salt Lake City, in Utah, US. Why I was here? That doesn’t matter. Work related stuff.

The thing is, now I see this landscapes in UK and compared to some others I’ve visited in the last days, they might not look as impressive. But each one has its own kind of charm, I think.

Now my trip has ended and I will be back home soon. Business as usual.

We visited Peak District couple of weeks ago. It was on my list of places to visit in the UK. There are several national parks in this country, and this has its very own history. Mostly, because it was the first area of land declared national park in UK! A bit tired of the landscapes surrounding Cambridge (flat, is completely flat), I was in need of some elevations, literally.

We stayed in a place in the Hope Valley. From there we visited Edale, Hope, Castleton, Buxton, and some other places along the way. We did walk a lot. One day it poured rain and we ended completely soaked. We even climbed a hill called Mam Tor, which means Mother Hill. If the weather is good, the views from the top are amazing. Apart from great landscapes, the villages and towns in the area have a special charm. Even some dirty alleyways…

I think I will return to this place.