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I took this picture in London with my mobile a few days ago, last Monday. I was waiting for an appointment somewhere close, sipping a coffee in a coffee shop from a famous coffee shops chain in Oxford Street. It should have been an easy thing, but¬†bureaucracy always takes longer than it should. You need this paper, now you don’t… etc. It didn’t help also that I forgot some important document needed… so, I can’t entirely blame them for all. I guess my head that morning was very far from here. At least, it was a sunny morning. ūüôā

Long time since last post! As I said, I’ve had some busy period of time in the past weeks. Now that I’m back at home, I will try to post more often. ¬†I’m working on editing and processing almost 400 pictures I took during my visit to Salt Lake City.¬†Hint: look at my twitter feed in my menu… ūüėČ

Here¬†you have a few more pictures taken in Lisbon. These are from Tagus riverside. There is a really long walk from Belen, where you can see the Discoveries Monument, to the harbour just down Alfama, where that gigantic ship was waiting for tourists. Midway in between you can sit and watch the sunset in front of the Pra√ßa de Comer√ßo. This was in December, but it didn’t feel like that at all.

I miss Lisbon.


I took this ones a couple of years ago. Night time city light are very difficult to photograph. There is an overall orange colour cast, a mix of different light sources, each with it colour temperature, and pictures can look quite weird initially. I tried here to experiment a bit with white balance adjustments and colour curves and this is the result. From that walk in central London is also this other picture, that somehow, I think it has a bit more natural look.

These days it’s been in the news something about how the orange light in a city like Los Angeles has been an important detail for portraying that city in a huge amount of movies along the years. It seems that they want to change the street lights and that will change completely how night-time photography in that city looks. There is an interesting post here about this.

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Some pictures of Alfama, in Lisbon, from my quick weekend trip. Prepare to walk a lot if you want to visit this area of the city. The uphill and narrow cobbled streets make the visit difficult but enjoyable anyway. The best way I found to orient myself was going up all the time. At some points there are miradouros which are perfect for a stop and a coffee. The views from those are breath taking, literally. At the end of the day, when I felt a bit lost, instead of trying google maps on my mobile, I just asked someone for directions. I know it sounds silly, but it was also a way for me to try my almost forgotten Portuguese skills.

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Enough of landscapes and architecture photos. Lets try some street photography.

It’s a genre I still haven’t tried yet. I find it too hard. I need to pay closer attention to classics, and groups on Flickr like¬†HCSP where some interesting examples can be seen. Usually, this pictures must have a trick. They don’t need to be technically perfect . They rely on some more or less deep joke¬†in its subject, composition or light. The ones that you don’t initially¬†understand what’s happening there are the best ones, I think.¬†¬†And one issue I find the hardest, is that they have people. Taking pictures of unknown people is a really hard thing for me. It is easier to add some in landscape or architecture pictures, just to give a bit more sense of scale and add some interest. But in this street ones, sometimes you have to get quite close. So here, instead of people, I have four gooses. Is it a good starting point? Good weekend!