Photography by Omar Parada

Tag: technique

  • My birthplace.

    My birthplace.

    This last summer I went to my birthplace. It is a small village in the middle of nowhere, almost. Someone told me to visit a tree. A tree that is 4 or 5 kilometres from my family home. Apparently it is an interesting tree, a really old one. So one afternoon I went on walking […]

  • One point perspectives (2).

    One point perspectives (2).

    I took these two in one of those visits to London with my family. Some time ago I said that I like this kind of pictures. You have to position yourself very carefully trying to point your camera exactly to the vanishing point. I find that fun. Perspective correction in post process can help if you…

  • New lens.

    New lens.

    Instead of a sports car for my 40th birthday, I got a new lens. I already have a 50mm lens, but it is a manual one, from ancient times. I missed having a bit more modern one. Now I can autofocus. I spent last weekend doing one-day trips to Norfolk coast and London. And so far,…

  • Vertical? Horizontal? Random?

    I really like vertical pictures. I have no idea why, but I find that orientation really comfortable. Which orientation do you prefer?

  • That manual mode in your camera.

    That manual mode in your camera.

    Lets try something. Grab your camera and switch to manual mode. That mode where you can, using the buttons and wheels on the body, change between different apertures, ISO settings and shutter speeds. I know, that may sound like alien, at least it sounded like that to me the first time I tried something a…

  • Wednesday question.

    Seen on twitter, I should have read a bit about this photographer. What do composition rules mean to you? Do you know about them? Do you need them? Are they useful to you? Do you break them? Or you just don’t care…