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Another small gallery of pictures I’ve taken in the last year. Basically, places with trees. I am always attracted to trees, I don’t know why, I like to take pictures of them. What I’ve noticed too selecting this pictures is that they are very dark. I guess it comes with the mood of this last year.  Comes to my mind too, that some day I’d like to visit Iceland. I see pictures of waterfalls  and northern lights there and the news about volcanoes ready to erupt, and it all seems fascinating to me. Music from Bjork or Sigur Ros is quite often in my headphones while working or relaxing at home. TV shows like Trapped give me the shivers (literally) with those cold landscapes and its crime mysteries. But there are not many trees there, I heard. Perhaps it is an interesting place to escape from all this BREXIT nonsense. Have you been in Iceland?

+ high-res version

Here we are, end of March. And its freezing cold, at least from my point of view, in the UK. Yesterday I talked with my family in Spain and they said it was almost like summer. How I miss that. A moment ago I could see through the big windows in my small studio how it started hailing. And moments after that sudden storm, sunshine. Crazy weather. Also at the end of March, some years ago, I took this picture in a park nearby my place Madrid. My interest for taking pictures had just started. The image itself may not be the best one, but while I was browsing today old pictures in my flickr account, deleting some old ones I don’t want to see again, I found it, and I thought these colours mean spring more that the grey view I have from my window now. Oh, it has changed again!


Happy new year everyone!. Here is my first post of 2014!

Last weekend I went to Warwick castle. In a day that was cold, but sunny, I did one of the things I most like to do: visit a place, and return home with lots of pictures. This occasion was in this great castle, two hours from Cambridge. The towers are really tall, and the rooms are full of great colours and details. I climbed the biggest tower in the castle to capture this sunset. My sigma 17-70 is quite lens flare resistant, but not in this case. Still, I like how the picture ended after my processing efforts.

This place reminded me a bit to Leeds castle, although that one was a bit darker, a bit less children friendly, I think. Almost eerie. Maybe it was the weather, instead a grey day this time the light was much better. Also, the Christmas theme helped a bit. We stayed there until the closing hours. I think I was one of the last visitors that left the castle that day.

As promised and in no particular order, some more Epping Forest pictures. These ones remind me a bit to the ones I took in Wandelbury Park, in Cambridge.I found it hard to actually make pictures with some sense of this place. What I mean is that it is easy to end showing just a mess of trees. I tried to take advantage of the light or some compositional element, like paths on the ground or some trunk based framing. Not sure if I managed in all cases to do it. What do you think?