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A new gallery of pictures from my trip, almost a year now, to Utah. This day was fun. I had never been in such a desolate place. You see this places usually in films or documentaries, and you never think about them as real. But yes, here we were, driving miles in mostly straight line roads, without a tree in sight (or anything else). Just some other cars . And mountains in horizon. There was a petrol station in the middle of nowhere, where we refused to have lunch. It looked like a place from some other horror film. And the famous Bonneville salt flats. At this time of the year there was water on it, not totally evaporated. It is when the flat is totally dry when it is used for car races and tests. I had already posted some pictures from there. This ones give, I think, a bit more context of the place and its surroundings. Its also fun, but somehow, I miss Utah.

More pictures from Utah. These were taken in Antelope Island, a state park close to Salt Lake City. Actually, this little island is in the middle of the salt lake that gives its name to the place, just connected to inland by a road. From here you can see Salt Lake City tallest buildings in the distance, with the snowy mountains in the background. The landscape was very dry, but the light at that time gave everything a nice golden colour. There are bison wandering around. We couldn’t see them close enough though.

+ high-res version

This was weird. I was driving to the Bonneville salt flats when I saw this. It looks like a tree. Or an antenna. In the middle of the flats with nothing else around. I wasn’t in a hurry so I immediately stopped the car and went to see it more clearly.  I took some pictures and continued our trip. Now I’ve found it is a sculpture, and it’s been there for a long time (almost as old as me).

+ high-res version

Just one of the pictures I took the last week in Utah. This place is very much known because of the car speed tests. I imagine they only do them in summer, when the thin layer of water disappears. Now, it looks more like a mirror with crusts of salt on it. I really liked the surroundings of this place. It is a desert, a kind of place I am not very used to.

And yes, the water is salty. I tasted it.